About Us

Street Style has been working in this business called Fashion for 27 years now. The first 7 years of our existence we were pioneering in the street wear/fashion area, introducing brands like Santa Cruz, Sims, Vision Streetwear and more we noticed we were at the beginning of something. Street fashion was not yet existent, but with the rise of sports like snowboarding,skateboarding etc that started to be a thing.

Later on we noticed there was a demand for fashion logistics and we started picking up on that. We grew a lot and picked up new exciting brands like Insight 51, Alfredo Gonzales, Fat Moose, Icon brand etc. Some stayed, some went and we are finally at the point that we have a solid logistic platform and sale platform.

Our warehouse and showroom space a total size of a baffling 1200 m2 at this point. We have the luxury that we are located in Rotterdam which makes transporting goods all over the world very accessible. Besides our own showrooms and warehouse in Rotterdam, we work with sales reps worldwide. With sales reps and distributors in Australia, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, Japan, Korea, Russia, France, South-Africa and more we have an abundant network.

All together we are at some exciting times and our always on the look out for new partners and new exciting projects. So, feel free to contact us about any queries!

All the best,

Street Style Team.

Call us: 010 – 223 46 78

Mail us: office@streetstyle.nl


The brands that are currently under our wing

Alfredo Gonzales
socks / unisex / good life / high quality
Fat Moose
danish / durable / men / extreme weather / high quality
danish / casual / high quality
Rain Deer
danish / durable / women / extreme weather / high quality
Icon Brand
accessoires / men / australian / street / surf / skate / headwear


Production Management

The switch between design and production can be a difficult one, we are experienced in communicating with factories across the globe to streamline this process.

Fine Pick

One of our specialities is picking. We are ready for scan-packing and can manage webshops as well as distributor picks and shop picks.

Major Accounts Handling

We have extensive experience handling your major accounts like Asos, Urban Outfitters, Zalando etc.

Brand Develepmont

We would like to make sure your brand is represented the way you wish. Placing it in the right shops and in the right time is of the essence.


With showrooms in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, we have a big reach and are easily accessible. Besides that our showrooms in Rotterdam are up for temporary rentable spaces to showcase your brand.

… and then some

Our eyes are always open for new exciting projects.

Contact us

drop by for a cup of coffee at

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or call us at any time at

+31 (0) 10 223 46 78

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